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Wostman Eco Dry Home

Overall we’re very happy with our Wostman toilet. Our main motivations for wanting an upgrade was to have a composting toilet suitable for an indoor bathroom but also to reduce the “yuck factor” for guests not used to using an eco toilet. On both counts, we’ve been very happy. Because of the (permanently on) fan installed on the collecting chamber, there are absolutely no smells coming from underneath. In fact I would say it means there are far less smells than a conventional toilet! The porcelain construction and shape is comforting and familiar to those used to a flushing toilet, even if the urine-dirverting system usually needs a brief explanation and a bit of reassurance. Having a micro-flush is also good in this regard as it imitates the ceremony of the larger flush of an ordinary toilet or the sawdust scattering of other composting toilets. As far as dealing with the waste goes – the Wostman EcoDry requires the collecting chamber to be emptied and composted elsewhere. This could be viewed as a downside by some but for us it was a compromise we were prepared to make to avoid either the bulkyness, expense or electricity use of some all-in-one composting toilets. Although I haven’t had to empty our box yet (7 weeks of use, 2 people), the waste does need to be occasionally levelled and spread into the corners of the box to use all the space. Not for the faint of heart but not a big problem once any squeamishness is overcome. I’d certainly recommend the Wostman for anyone who shares our considerations and doesn’t mind occasional toilet duties!

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