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Sun Mar Excel in Mobile Home

The toilet has been in operation for two years. It has been completely odour-free. Most users have praised it. Particularly in view of the other facilities that they’ve had available in similar circumstances (it is in a hut by our caravan). We have the Sun Mar Excel electric version, therefore it has the electric heater which vaporises the liquid contents, and the fan, which extracts any smells. It just seems to work. I have two further observations:

1. The step is too small and leaves the user feeling perched. I’ve made a wooden step which provides easier access.

2. I didn’t initially feel it necessary to hook up the overflow pipe. If you have a lot of people at a party – this isn’t an option – it must be hooked up to avoid unpleasant consequences, My fault!

Otherwise I’ve found it to be a good low infrastructure cost means of providing sanitary facilities in places where this otherwise would not be possible.

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