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Sun Mar Excel Electric saves Tennis Club

The Sun Mar Excel electric is a great success. The tennis club had come to a standstill with only 6 Sun Mar Composting Toilmembers. It was impossible to move forward without a toilet. No running water or mains drainage anywhere near the site meant looking for other solutions. The Sun Mar was installed in September 2018 in a garden shed which was insulated and lined with panels. A small heater was set to come on if the temperature dropped below freezing. It seemed a bit odd to sit on at first as it’s rather high like some disabled toilets – no difficulty in using, just a bit novel! There has been no unpleasant smell. The compost in the finishing tray is dry and not smelly. No problem with removing it. No problem keeping it clean. It’s saved the tennis club – we now have 75 members and hopefully will continue to grow. We don’t give the toilet a thought which is just how it should be! I recommend to other clubs in a similar situation.

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