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Sun Mar Centrex 3000

Centrex 3000This isolated house in France has a Centrex 3000 Non Elec unit with three one pint toilets that IĀ fitted myself. I also have a Sun Mar Excel non elec composting toilet beside the house. Both work well, using filtered rainwater in the Centrex system. With the heat here I find I have not needed to fit the 12v fan to promote evaporation, and we do not have smells. I started off using the blue hemp composting mix, and I now make a mix of this and dry compost and wood shavings from a nearby wood turner, which keeps the moisture content about right (not too claggy, not too dry.) We have 6-8 visitors at a time in high summer, though more usually 4 or so with gaps, fitting Sun Mar’s description of “light commercial use”.

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