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Biolan Separating Dry Allotment

I had been looking into a toilet for our allotment field, and spent months trying to find the right one for us. Nailed it down to five, and then called the sellers up. Patrick was the only one who came across as honest and informative, every stupid little question was answered in full and with no debate, or insistence to buy his particular product. Every email i left with questions, was answered next day fully. I experienced absolutely no Hard Sell at all, a definite plus in my book! I had come to mind to buy a Natures Head toilet, and compared it with his Biolan Separating dry, I expected a large push to buy his, but didn’t get it. instead he walked me through the pro’s and con’s of each and left me to make my mind up. Of those he sold, i picked one, and he suggested another, as it fitted my location, use and requirements, after a day, I went with his suggestion instead, and glad I did! The Biolan Separating dry, has been perfect for what we want and use. Having now talked to another allotment who had what I originally wanted, I can see I made the wrong choice, and Patrick made correct one. So if he recommends something different to your choice, go with his knowledge and experience, you won’t regret it.

I bought the Biolan Separating dry composting toilet. The actual fitting together was far simpler than I had feared, in fact it took less than ten minutes. It is a very robust build, and a very easy model to look after and clean. It makes absolutely no smell whatsoever, which surprised the hell out of me. The actual use is easy, no mass of special levers or buttons to push and pull, the separating parts are ergonomically designed and work perfectly. The push rod to add the mulch is simplicity itself, even our most mentally challenged plotters got it right first time, and still do. Changing the container was easy. There was no smell, no mess and took less than five minutes. The full container, emits nothing unpleasant at all, and is merrily brewing away in a corner of my allotment. Yep, there is nothing coming out of it to make me wish to remove it. The mulch spreader works correctly and is still doing so. The original seat is still in one piece, which has amazed me, as it looked flimsy, it certainly isn’t! We have had a few other field managers come to look ours over, and as I was, was surprised at how well it works. Patrick was possibly the best salesman I’ve ever come across. No high pressure sales tactics, no deriding the competition, just solid facts and helpfulness. Any question, regardless of how dumb it was, was answered in full. So i recommend that if you need a composting toilet, give him a call, and you will undoubtedly, be as happy with the purchase as I am.

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