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Biolan Eco x 3 at Safari Campsite

After much research, we settled on a Biolan composting toilet as the one that is low maintenance and foolproof for guests to use – no knobs, no manual separating, just use as normal. We installed one at the back of our off-grid safari tent platform in a forest. Installation was straightforward. We tested it for two years, expecting to have to empty it after 6 months, but once it gets going, it takes care of itself and only the liquid drum has needed to be emptied. It is only halfway after all this time and the bag of mulch provided also lasted longer than expected with medium use. The most impressive feature might actually be the toilet seat itself! No matter the weather, it never feels cold or damp. I was a little worried about the strength of it, as it’s only Styrofoam and seems quite soft, but we have had one in use for 2 years and it is still going strong. Many people were hesitant, afraid, or even terrified to use a composting toilet, but after using it are very relieved. (pun intended) Being quite happy with our Biolan, we ordered a second, then a third. For the relative cost of our campsite, it is a big investment, but we have no regrets as our Biolan Composting Toilets have exceeded our expectations, and are perfect for our safari tents.

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