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Biolan Eco Composting Toilet at Community Living Centre

Having had our toilet a year, we love it! There’s no whiffy smell, we have about 15-20 people on site each week (we had 150 at a summer fete at one point). Its simple to use, easy to keep clean. We’re on a site with no running water or drains so our composting loo is an asset. Even emptying was a doddle, the contents were just like bark chips, that are now on one of our compost heaps. Installation involved some team work, we initially dug out a soak away, put lots of rocks in a deeper hole, then edged our toilet hole with bricks, leaving a good gap for emptying. It was easy to draw around the template (provided in the box) and then cut it out of the shed floorboards, we slid the toilet into the ground and hey presto, ready for action. Our volunteers are good at woodwork and DIY so fixing the outflow air tube through the roof wasn’t complex.

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