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Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet Review

Excellent service from Toilet Revolution from start to finish – personal tailored advice, detailed information and support, and could not be happier with our toilet. Definitely requires some trial and error to get right as a system but that’s been part of the fun. Excellent product, simple, clean and easy to install and to use. Very satisfied, and delighted to be producing compost in the process!

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Wostman Eco Dry at Yoga Business

The composting loo has been installed in my American timber barn in an extension to the original structure. The barn has been used in the past for yoga classes, a music session, active age gardeners tearoom, fundraising events, and family parties. An integral toilet was essential to continue with such gatherings!

Wostman Eco Dry Porcelain Separating Compost Toilet

Biolan Eco and Shower

Having done a fair amount of research on compost loos I came across Toilet Revolution. Patrick was very helpful in talking through the various options and the Biolan Eco was perfect for our situation. We have set up a glamping site on our farm and wanted loos that would not require an expensive septic tank. This model is robust and easy to install and I was impressed with the air extract system. Patrick put me in touch with an existing customer who had installed this model and any fears about odour were dispelled. I would highly recommend this product and company.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Biolan Eco in Dorset Forest

Our Biolan toilet was in service all last summer and has proved very effective and trouble free. We replaced last year’s bell tent with a new yurt which the toilet block is adjacent to. The toilet/shower/wash basin are in a little building clad with reclaimed timber and with a reclaimed corrugated metal roof. This and the yurt are together on a raised timber deck. Running water is available but not drainage, which is why the Biolan was an ideal solution.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Biolan Eco x 3 at Safari Campsite

After much research, we settled on a Biolan composting toilet as the one that is low maintenance and foolproof for guests to use – no knobs, no manual separating, just use as normal. We installed one at the back of our off-grid safari tent platform in a forest. Installation was straightforward. We tested it for two years, expecting to have to empty it after 6 months, but once it gets going, it takes care of itself and only the liquid drum has needed to be emptied. It is only halfway after all this time and the bag of mulch provided also lasted longer than expected with medium use. The most impressive feature might actually be the toilet seat itself! No matter the weather, it never feels cold or damp. I was a little worried about the strength of it, as it’s only Styrofoam and seems quite soft, but we have had one in use for 2 years and it is still going strong. Many people were hesitant, afraid, or even terrified to use a composting toilet, but after using it are very relieved. (pun intended) Being quite happy with our Biolan, we ordered a second, then a third. For the relative cost of our campsite, it is a big investment, but we have no regrets as our Biolan Composting Toilets have exceeded our expectations, and are perfect for our safari tents.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Biolan Eco at Community Living Centre

Having had our toilet a year, we love it! There’s no whiffy smell, we have about 15-20 people on site each week (we had 150 at a summer fete at one point). Its simple to use, easy to keep clean. We’re on a site with no running water or drains so our composting loo is an asset. Even emptying was a doddle, the contents were just like bark chips, that are now on one of our compost heaps. Installation involved some team work, we initially dug out a soak away, put lots of rocks in a deeper hole, then edged our toilet hole with bricks, leaving a good gap for emptying. It was easy to draw around the template (provided in the box) and then cut it out of the shed floorboards, we slid the toilet into the ground and hey presto, ready for action. Our volunteers are good at woodwork and DIY so fixing the outflow air tube through the roof wasn’t complex.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Biolan Separating Dry in Allotment

Installed in our orchard / allotment. We’ve been making donations in luxury for about 6 months now, Biolan Compost Toiletdefinitely glad we invested in something a bit more glam than a long drop!

Biolan Separating Dry Compost Toilet

Wostman and Happy Wife

Our story: we’ve built a 7 x 2.4 off-grid cabin for ourselves and 3 big dogs to live in while we renovate an old stone farmhouse. As far as we are concerned the definition of civilized living would have to include electricity, running water and a toilet. And not necessarily in that order! Although the view from our cabin is really quite nice, having to go outside and dig a hole for a crap in the rain is not to be recommended. The Wostman definitely fits the bill, looks almost ‘normal’ and passed the wife test. As they say over here – happy wife, happy life.

Wostman Eco Dry Porcelain Separating Compost Toilet

Sun Mar Excel Electric Saves Tennis Club

The Sun Mar Excel electric is a great success. The tennis club had come to a standstill with only 6 Sun Mar Composting Toilmembers. It was impossible to move forward without a toilet. No running water or mains drainage anywhere near the site meant looking for other solutions. The Sun Mar was installed in September 2018 in a garden shed which was insulated and lined with panels. A small heater was set to come on if the temperature dropped below freezing. It seemed a bit odd to sit on at first as it’s rather high like some disabled toilets – no difficulty in using, just a bit novel! There has been no unpleasant smell. The compost in the finishing tray is dry and not smelly. No problem with removing it. No problem keeping it clean. It’s saved the tennis club – we now have 75 members and hopefully will continue to grow. We don’t give the toilet a thought which is just how it should be! I recommend to other clubs in a similar situation.

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Sun Mar Mobile 12V on Catamaran

The Sun Mar Marine Composting Toilet has been a great success for us. We installed it on our 9 metre Marine Composting ToiletCatamaran on which we live for about 7 months of the year. Our installation space was extremely tight (1 metre by 1 metre) which also includes a wash basin and the boats electrical control panel, however it works extremely well without any toilet smells. It does require a 12v supply to provide power to its evaporator heater and filtered air extract system and for this we installed a separate 120amp leisure battery with charging from our twin engine alternators. Environmentally, with no discharge into the sea, it provides convenience and practicality in the management of human waste. It provides toilet use in marinas and canals without holding tanks and the normal human waste disposal problems. Ideal for 2 people (manufacturer rates it at one person – editor) and with an easy to empty composting drawer, the ability to use normal toilet paper and the lack of toilet smells gives it a Five Star rating from us.

Sun Mar Marine Composting Toilet 12V DC

Separett Villa 12V in Shepherd Huts

Very quick, friendly and competitively priced service by Toilet Revolution. Excellent toilets (Separett Villa 9010 12V) which arrived very quickly indeed. Our shepherds hut customers are very impressed by them.

Biolan Eco Non Electric Glamping Pod

Excellent advice provided from Patrick, to ensure we got the right toilet for our needs. A broken part was very quickly replaced and resolved. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking/considering compost loos. We are using the Biolan Eco composting toilet for our camping pod loo. We are at a remote site and wanted to avoid the cost of a septic tank solution. It also saves water too. No issues with smell. All working ‘as it says on the can’. If you are considering alternative toilet solutions I happily recommend Toilet Revolution.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Stylish Sun Mar Excel Electric Installation

Composting Toilet Excel Elec

We have had the loo for over a year. It’s clean and simple to use and we love it now we don’t share it with the public!

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Narrowboat Separett Villa 9010

The service from Toilet revolution has been impeccable. Questions are answered promptly and orders are dispatched quickly. This Villa 9010 has been an absolutely brilliant purchase. The composting works very effectively. I add in coco chips as an aid to decomposition and to enhance the end result. It means the time between emptying is probably slightly less than normal, but with a normal amount of use I still only empty it once every 3-5 weeks. The smell I thought would be hanging around is dealt with by the fan which runs so silently I never turn it off. The urine diverter does become a little pongy but a bit of citric acid and a brush down the pipe works a treat. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to buy this product. I’d recommend it to anyone thinking about getting a compact composting lav.

Separett Villa 9000 Residential

The customer service was excellent. It was delivered with extra pipe and the instructions were easy to follow. Really happy with our composting toilet. I was surprised there are no bad odours from the toilet. It is easy to empty and clean. We empty it on a weekly basis as if left longer it does tend to fill up. Really glad we went down the composting road. I’d recommend it!!!!!

Biolan Separating Dry in Grade 1 listed church

We installed the Biolan in a churchyard near a Grade 1 listed Cotswold church. On the whole, the Biolan Composting ToiletSeparating dry is good but I do feel the front receptacle is rather too small and the back one too large. Most use is ‘spending a penny’ and too much liquid goes into the back part. It was used a great deal when we had the village open day and it coped – just. We are going to have 2 concerts this year and it will be most useful then. Had it emptied by a professional company and the operator was MOST interested in it! He was so pleased to be able to wheel the tank to his lorry which cannot get too close. It is known in the Diocese as the “Best LOO in the COUNTY”

Biolan Separating Dry Compost Toilet

Privy 501 Urine diverting at Campsite

Commercial use in a campsite. Excellent service from Toilet Revolution, very helpful. The Separett Privy 501 works well and is easy to clean.

Biolan Komplet in Barn

Good service. Quizzed to make sure we were buying most appropriate product. First season for us, so not done the emptying yet. Otherwise has been fabulous. Originally was meant to go into small barn, but increased animals, hay bales etc meant I put up garden shed at the back for it. I have not got round to putting the vent through the roof as no smell. Very appreciated when we had a family party and some campers. The thermoneutral seat is v v comfortable.

Biolan Komplet Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9000 in Mobile Home

Excellent quality and well-designed which offsets the highish price tag (I know, they’re all expensive!). Fast fulfilment of order and welcome back-up with updates on where to get cheaper bio bags and toilet fresheners. Works well. Only thing we discovered that we had not fully appreciated in advance is that the urinal ‘bit’ needs regular flushing to prevent smells – obvious really. Composting seems to be going OK as well. All in all,  a  satisfied customer and, in time, I may need to buy another when I do my next project.

Biolan Separating Dry Allotment

I had been looking into a toilet for our allotment field, and spent months trying to find the right one for us. Nailed it down to five, and then called the sellers up. Patrick was the only one who came across as honest and informative, every stupid little question was answered in full and with no debate, or insistence to buy his particular product. Every email i left with questions, was answered next day fully. I experienced absolutely no Hard Sell at all, a definite plus in my book! I had come to mind to buy a Natures Head toilet, and compared it with his Biolan Separating dry, I expected a large push to buy his, but didn’t get it. instead he walked me through the pro’s and con’s of each and left me to make my mind up. Of those he sold, i picked one, and he suggested another, as it fitted my location, use and requirements, after a day, I went with his suggestion instead, and glad I did! The Biolan Separating dry, has been perfect for what we want and use. Having now talked to another allotment who had what I originally wanted, I can see I made the wrong choice, and Patrick made correct one. So if he recommends something different to your choice, go with his knowledge and experience, you won’t regret it.

I bought the Biolan Separating dry composting toilet. The actual fitting together was far simpler than I had feared, in fact it took less than ten minutes. It is a very robust build, and a very easy model to look after and clean. It makes absolutely no smell whatsoever, which surprised the hell out of me. The actual use is easy, no mass of special levers or buttons to push and pull, the separating parts are ergonomically designed and work perfectly. The push rod to add the mulch is simplicity itself, even our most mentally challenged plotters got it right first time, and still do. Changing the container was easy. There was no smell, no mess and took less than five minutes. The full container, emits nothing unpleasant at all, and is merrily brewing away in a corner of my allotment. Yep, there is nothing coming out of it to make me wish to remove it. The mulch spreader works correctly and is still doing so. The original seat is still in one piece, which has amazed me, as it looked flimsy, it certainly isn’t! We have had a few other field managers come to look ours over, and as I was, was surprised at how well it works. Patrick was possibly the best salesman I’ve ever come across. No high pressure sales tactics, no deriding the competition, just solid facts and helpfulness. Any question, regardless of how dumb it was, was answered in full. So i recommend that if you need a composting toilet, give him a call, and you will undoubtedly, be as happy with the purchase as I am.

Biolan Separating Dry Compost Toilet

Biolan Eco on Football Ground

The toilet & urinal have been an excellent purchase for the club, we’ve had no problems with either of Composting Toilet Biolan Ecothem and we now have no smells in the toilet and don’t have to empty them every week like we did before! The compost hasn’t needed emptying yet either, we even still have almost half a bag of the bark left which has lasted since we installed the toilet last year.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9000 Compost Toilet in Shepherds Hut

The Separett Villa 9000s are installed in two wet rooms we have built next to our yurt and Shepherd’s Compost toilet separett Villa 9000Hut. They are a great success for our situation and there are never any smells coming from the toilet, bearing in mind the doors to the wet room are kept closed. I have a notice in front of the toilets on how to use them properly and they are very easy to keep clean. I would recommend using the green bio bags and a hot composting bin, the easiest way of disposing of the bags of waste.


Separett Villa 9010 Compost Toilet in Yurt

All in all, very pleased with the Separett Villa 9001. We have 4.  Here’s some things we have found. Fan Compost Toilet. Separett Villa 9010motors temperamental. Separation of liquids only partially successful when used in a commercial situation so no composting for us (can be an issue with ladies hovering – TR). Had to drill 30mm drain hole in base of toilets to aid draining of water as toilets are fixed so not possible to empty water when swilling swapping ut the container (liquid due to the shower nearby). Year 2 now and seats feel a little delicate, starting to come loose. Concealing screen mechanism looked flimsy at first but has caused no problems at all. Still think the Villa 9010 is among best on market.

Separett Villa 9010 12 V

Toilet Revolution were truly revolutionary! Great communication led to a good deal being struck and weCompost Toilet Separett Villa 9010 ended up buying two of the Separett 9010 dc models. The Separett Villa 9010 is a very comfortable and well designed toilet unlike so many of the other options for an off grid system. And compact too. Highly recommended !

Separett Villa DC 12 V in Mobile Home

I have had my Separett Villa 9010 12V DC toilet for 6 months now and I have to say it is the best thing we ever got. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The idea that you do not have to do a septic tank and that it is still so clean and does not smell they really are amazing inventions. I would not be without one.

Sun Mar Excel Electric Composting Toilet in Holiday home

So far so good. I haven’t had any problems. I only run the fan on a timer from 07.00 to 24.00 but have no odour problems. I have been using organic straw bedding from a pet shop since I finished the bulking product supplied. It seems to work ok. Still using the bottle of activator spray that came with unit. It’s a single person use. The compost is also quite odour free. Have used it on flower beds and tree plantings.

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9000 Compost Toilet in holiday cottage

I  was impressed with the service and ease in which Patrick talked me through the ‘waterless toilet’.  I was nervous of installing this in my holiday cottage, but I need not have worried it is perfect, no trouble, no smell. I would  recommend it to anybody needing an alternative to a conventional toilet.

Sun Mar Excel Eco Let

We purchased a Sun Mar Excel for our eco holiday let. Toilet Revolution service was fantastic, we had great communication and the whole experience and transaction was easy.  Brilliant after sale support too. The Sun Mar Excel itself has been perfect for our holiday let, it fits snugly in the area and we have had great feedback from our clients.  Some people have said it is quite high to get on, so we have installed a grab rail on the wall to help people onto it.  It is easy to clean and easy to empty.

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet - Beach House

Excellent service, came when promised and all queries answered helpfully. My Sun Mar Excel electric toilet is fantastic. It has taken me a little time to get used to it but that is me and not a problem with it. I had to practice to get the mulch right, but have had no real problems of any sort with it. I would happily recommend it to anyone.

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Sun Mar Excel NE in Sheppard hut

I fitted the Sun Mar Excel NE in to a shepherd’s hut and it was used by guests from March – November, mainly on weekends except in July, August & Sept when it was used a lot more, perhaps 75% of the week. I found the toilet very easy to fit by following the instructions supplied with it and on the website. It is definitely a learning curve achieving the correct mixture for the compost, and I’m not sure that I have yet managed it.  The basic mixture had to be adjusted to accommodate our climate. The unit, even in the heat of the mid summer, did NOT smell at all, and overall I am really very, very pleased with it.  Like anything new, it will take time for me to use it to the best of it’s abilities.  My lack of knowledge has been supported brilliantly by Patrick at Toilet Revolution, who takes the time to address any concerns.  If I was asked about recommending Sun Mar Excel NE to other potential users, I definitely would recommend it, with the caveat that you must be patient to learn about how best to make it work and not be afraid to try out different solutions.

Sun Mar Excel NE Composting Toilet

Separett 9000 Villa at Home

Excellent pre-purchase advice. Prompt delivery. Easy to follow installation instructions. Separett Villa 9000 is easy to use/clean. Fan works well eliminating odours. Just right for 2 person residence with regular visitors.

Biolan Eco on Allotment

Well explained and efficient delivery by Toilet Revolution. The Biolan Eco is a delight to use, easy to install and an excellent design.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9000 in the Garden

I designed and built a toilet shed down the garden and installed a Separett Villa 9000.  separett-villa-compost-toiletIt’s mainly used by the grandchildren and ourselves but is very handy if we have visitors and are having a BBQ down the garden – no having to dash up to the house.  I also installed a dry urinal, from another supplier, as many guys don’t want to sit down. There is no smell at all and the toilet fan also keeps the whole building dry. Urine is discharged to limestone chipping soakaways behind the shed. There are no windows and lighting is by an LED light with microwave motion detection. I designed my own ‘Please sit down’ sign, as I couldn’t find one I liked, and had it made SignOmatic

Biolan Eco on Self Catering Grounds

We needed an outside eco loo for our grounds.  The Biolan Eco we got from Toilet Revolution has been superb.  It is straightforward to manage and maintain and we are absolutely delighted. We have found Patrick at Toilet Revolution brilliant in advising on the best product and efficient delivery and after sales service.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Villa 9000 in mobile home

The Separett Villa 9000 toilet is in an occasionally used mobile home. We still haven’t connected it to electricity, but there’s no smell anyway. We just chuck in some wood chip after a no. 2. Fan would probably be useful with more intensive use. Overall very happy with the toilet !

Separett Villa 9000 in Studio

We recently turned a workshop/studio into an independent living space and wanted to install a composting toilet facility for a few reasons. 1 – I, myself have been using a dry bucket , very successfully,outside, in the shed for years and I wanted to share and educate our visitors in a more sustainable and simpler way of living. 2 – Because I don’t believe there is such thing as waste. And 3 – I don’t like the unnecessary waste or treatment of our water system, so the Separett Villa 9000 offers the perfect solution. Toilet was easy to order, Patrick was very helpful.

Separett Villa DC Unit

Separett Villa 9010 is a great product. Comes with all parts needed. Easy to install. We run ours off a camper van battery as our house has no electricity. Design looks good and does not demand  a huge space. Customer support after purchase excellent. Quick shipping.  Personal dialogue, questions quickly answered Very supportive.


Biolan Composting Toilet

Love the Biolan Eco Hot Composting toilet.  It is working well. It is working just as it said it would. No odour.  Need to factor in some steps to get up to the seat if you have little people visiting ! Service from Toilet Revolution was perfect; impressive initial conversations, and also good communication when the order had been placed with regard to shipping updates.


Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Sun Mar Excel Elec


I found the Sun Mar Excel electric easy to install and very easy to use! It’s used every day by three men, so quite heavy use. I usually empty every 6 weeks or so and have a separate compost bin. It makes excellent compost. Service from Toilet Revolution was excellent with easy and frequent communication. Follow up was also good and all my queries and questions have been answered promptly

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Excel and Biolan 70 - Family Home

We chose the Sun Mar Excel, despite our initial reservations we now would not look back,Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet we are greener and free from the grid. The system is cleverly designed and easy to maintain. We also installed the Biolan 70 greywater filter system which we highly recommend this system runs its self with very little maintenance. Customer service was second to none, Patrick is a pleasure to deal with and he supported and helped us with great integrity and we thank him greatly for his support.

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Biolan Separating Dry - Site Toilet

The Biolan Separating Dry toilet is smashing, works a treat. Put in a bog standard shed and usedP1030976 (2) as site toilet for refurbishment job, where drainage is an issue. We now might actually keep as permanent as solves some tricky problems.Great product along with great service from Patrick and all at the loo revolution! Power to the poo and no smells!

Separett Villa in Family Home

We (family of four) bought a Separett Villa 9000 from Toilet Revolution. Patrick (at Toilet Revolution) was extremely helpful and had the Villa shipped to us within 24 hours. It’s true that the Villa will set you back a little more than an old fashioned bucket, but other than that it’s a good investment for happy composters avoiding a septic system. It takes us about two weeks to fill the internal bucket and changing it only takes a couple of minutes.Best of all, our mains powered Villa is incredibly odour free and the unit is easy to keep clean.

Separett Villa 9000 in home

Very easy to use. No smell. Very happy with this toilet. Very happy with service from Toilet Revolutionimg_0570

Sun Mar Excel Non Elec

I have found the Sun Mar Excel Non Electric to be an excellent unit and have had it in use for 4 years. It is largely maintenance free even though it is being used in my rental property by up to 5 people per week. Even the emptying job is not as bad as you would assume  due mainly to the fact that most waste has been reduced to almost nothing. I continue to be a compost toilet convert! I have found toilet revolution service to be first rate and most helpful. Patrick has always got back to me with answers to my various questions.

Sun Mar Excel NE Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9000

I’ve had the Separett Villa 9000 now for three years . It’s a complete change to a normal toilet but I am very happy with it . There are only two of us in the cottage and find that the container needs emptying every 3-4 weeks . Installation was very straight forward with a good user friendly manual included. Service from Toilet Revolution is very good . The spare parts are readily available and are being delivered by courier.

Wostman Eco Dry

Overall we’re very happy with our Wostman toilet. Our main motivations for wanting an upgrade was to have a composting toilet suitable for an indoor bathroom but also to reduce the “yuck factor” for guests not used to using an eco toilet. On both counts, we’ve been very happy. Because of the (permanently on) fan installed on the collecting chamber, there are absolutely no smells coming from underneath. In fact I would say it means there are far less smells than a conventional toilet! The porcelain construction and shape is comforting and familiar to those used to a flushing toilet, even if the urine-dirverting system usually needs a brief explanation and a bit of reassurance. Having a micro-flush is also good in this regard as it imitates the ceremony of the larger flush of an ordinary toilet or the sawdust scattering of other composting toilets. As far as dealing with the waste goes – the Wostman EcoDry requires the collecting chamber to be emptied and composted elsewhere. This could be viewed as a downside by some but for us it was a compromise we were prepared to make to avoid either the bulkyness, expense or electricity use of some all-in-one composting toilets. Although I haven’t had to empty our box yet (7 weeks of use, 2 people), the waste does need to be occasionally levelled and spread into the corners of the box to use all the space. Not for the faint of heart but not a big problem once any squeamishness is overcome. I’d certainly recommend the Wostman for anyone who shares our considerations and doesn’t mind occasional toilet duties!

Wostman Eco Dry Porcelain Separating Compost Toilet

Separett Villa 9010

SPAINExcellent service and reasonable transport costs to Mallorca. Rapid delivery. No problems…easy to install, and works very well indeed. 10 out of 10 !

Separett Villa 9000

P1030473 (2)

I am very pleased I installed this toilet on my barge. There is NO smell and it is much easier to empty than a portaloo and no nasty chemicals. A large compost bin is also needed as I don’t think the composting process would work if the waste was just left in the buckets provided. Because my barge already had an outlet in the roof I needed to use flexible ducting to connect it but this also has worked well. Patrick was very helpful when I had installation queries and answered me straight away, even my really silly questions !

Biolan Eco Non Electric

Toilet received quickly and good advice given over the phone re all the options. Good info on the website re installation and within the package too. A good company and product for the novice installer! We love our new toilet! It was simple to install and works perfectly on our Care Farm which is completely off grid. It smells 100% better than horrible portaloos too. Actually, it just doesnt smell at all. Would highly recommend the Biolan Eco

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9000

ALIAfter 17 years using a bucket (with sawdust) and a portapotti, we finally got ourselves a Separett toilet. It is absolutely brilliant. Unlike your ordinary flush toilet, there is no smell at all, even it has just been used. There is also no drain on our rather fragile water supply. It is neat and easy to empty and clean. We still collect the urine to use for composting wood shavings for mulch, but it could just as easily pipe away into the grey water system.  An added bonus is that an old friend who has refused to visit because of our toilet system, now has decided (after seeing photos and having a description) that she will probably visit next summer! Full marks on a superb product.

Biolan Eco Non Electric

1The composting toilet needs to be checked every few days, depending on usage,and emptied every 6 weeks or so. I have not found the servicing very onerous. I have found the toilet ideally suited to our site. No odour, no plumbing requirements and very easy to maintain.

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Biolan Eco Non Electric

Used in a wooden cabin, totally off-grid, it is simple, odour-free (except when lid is left up), and even has a certain elegance. The compost removed after a year smelled fine, the liquid tank filling more slowly as time goes on. After 14 months, we are very satisfied and happy to recommend the Biolan Eco.toiletcabin w side toilet panel

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9000

Bio-loo-churchyard (3)The Separett Villa 9000 has certainly solved what had become a huge problem for our church where there is no water supply readily available. We use a 40 litre holding tank for the urine behind the shed which we flush into the large existing soak-away, occasionally. The composting of the solids is easy as we use the remote parts of the churchyard. When there are large gatherings, we have to take care that people read the instructions, but that doesn’t happen often. To accommodate the ‘standing up’ problem, we have also installed a waterless urinal next to the Separett. As so many people have told us, “You’ve thought of everything”, so all in all, we are very satisfied. Churchwarden, Norfolk.

Sun Mar Centrex 3000 Non Elec

Centrex 3000This isolated house in France has a Centrex 3000 Non Elec unit with three one pint toilets that I fitted myself. I also have a Sun Mar Excel non elec composting toilet beside the house. Both work well, using filtered rainwater in the Centrex system. With the heat here I find I have not needed to fit the 12v fan to promote evaporation, and we do not have smells. I started off using the blue hemp composting mix, and I now make a mix of this and dry compost and wood shavings from a nearby wood turner, which keeps the moisture content about right (not too claggy, not too dry.) We have 6-8 visitors at a time in high summer, though more usually 4 or so with gaps, fitting Sun Mar’s description of “light commercial use”.

Sun Mar Centrex 3000 NE Composting Toilet

Separett Privy 500

I built a composting toilet for my house, and I used a Separett Privy 500 seat for it. The toilet has been very successful, I was careful to make it as airtight as possible (except for the vent) by sealing all the joints with mastic, and I’ve had no trouble with flies or other insects and no noticeable smells. The seat is fine but if I was doing it again I would go for the plastic version rather than the polystyrene version as it would be easier to clean.

Sun Mar Excel Electric

With two small country churches that had neither mains water nor drainage and where septic tanks could not be installed, weddings and funerals, and any large service, were often moments for embarrassment when people who had travelled a distance had to be told that there were no toilet facilities available. The composting toilets that were fitted have proved more than adequate to the task and have helped create confidence that services might be hosted without a sense of apprehension.

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Sun Mar Excel Electric

The toilet has been in operation for two years. It has been completely odour-free. Most users have praised it. Particularly in view of the other facilities that they’ve had available in similar circumstances (it is in a hut by our caravan). We have the Sun Mar Excel electric version, therefore it has the electric heater which vaporises the liquid contents, and the fan, which extracts any smells. It just seems to work. I have two further observations:

1. The step is too small and leaves the user feeling perched. I’ve made a wooden step which provides easier access.

2. I didn’t initially feel it necessary to hook up the overflow pipe. If you have a lot of people at a party – this isn’t an option – it must be hooked up to avoid unpleasant consequences, My fault!

Otherwise I’ve found it to be a good low infrastructure cost means of providing sanitary facilities in places where this otherwise would not be possible.

Sun Mar Excel Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9000 in home 11 years

We’ve had a Separett composting toilet for eleven years now, it’s great, have had zero problems. No need for a septic tank, no smells, very little plumbing. We have the urine piped into a container which gets diluted with water and emptied on compost heap at the moment but it could easily be fitted into existing waste water pipe system. It has a vent pipe through the wall. That’s it. A fan runs to dehydrate solids, and the fan ensures there’s no ‘privy smell’. It also keeps our bathroom dry, we don’t get condensation as it’s always quietly running. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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