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Initial Setup




ADD10-15 litres of peat mix (roughly half the 30 litre bag provided) to the drum.Provides Carbon base and initial mass for compost.
ADD1/2 Microbe Mix packet at startup, other 1/2 in two weeks (or on next visit if in cottage use).Adds necessary microbes which will break down the compost.
SPRINKLEAbout 2 litres of warm water into the drum.Moistens carbon base
PLUG INPower cord on unit to get fan and heating element working (electric models only).The unit is ready for use
SPRAY“Compost Quick” enzymes into drum before and after mixing. Coat the evaporation chamber with it before using the unit.Speeds start up of compost by acting as a catalyst to assist bacteriaPrevents possibility of start-up odor in the evaporation chamber
RAKELoose peat moss from the evaporation chamber until the compost is established, which takes approximately 6 weeks.Until the compost is active, some peat mix may fall through the screen or drum door into the evaporating chamber.

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