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Low Flush Toilets

Wostman Eco Vac Extend - Ceramic Ultra Low Flush Toilet

Price: £3,639 inc. VAT | €3,955 inc. VAT    

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Wostman Eco Vac Extend is an ultra low flush toilet with a vacuum pump connection. The Eco Vac extend is suitable for installation to an existing or normal (not pressurised) septic tank. The Eco Vac Extend package is chosen over the Eco Vac if you need to install to an existing non pressurised septic tank. The Eco Vac extend is chosen over the Eco Flush if you want to minimise the water used and waste volume created or if you the tank is greater than 30m away (max 45m). Creating less waste results in longer tank pump output intervals.

  • Ceramic toilet with soft close seat
  • Ultra low flush toilet – 0.6 litres per flushLow Flush Toilet
  • Max lateral distance 10 with max 2m rise
  • Max lateral distance 45 with slope
  • 230 V required for vacuum pump
  • Download Eco Vac Manual
  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty
  • Ongoing Wostman Ongoing Costs
  • Can fit to no pressure rated septic tank – tank should be ventilated
  • Can have multiple toilets – each additional toilet needs 1 extend and one vacuum base. Contact us for price
  • Installed on 50mm pipework with 45 degree (max) bends (no 90 degree)



The Eco Vac Extend ultra low flush toilet system must be installed by a professional tradesmen. The septic tank should be installed by a professional certified ground works contractor. The pipe work and toilet should be installed by a certified plumber and the electric elements of the toilet need to be installed by a certified electrician. The vacuum base unit will wear out over time, about 4 years, but this can be replaced.  The whole system is sensitive to frost and needs to be kept frost free. If the toilet risks being exposed to freezing temperatures, empty the water trap and the solenoid valve. Forbidden objects in the WC are napkins, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, baby wipes etc.

EcoVac can be used when there is a power failure?

In the case of a power failure (more common in remote areas), you can use your EcoVac Extend system by using a bucket to flush the toilet (if the piping has self-fall). For comparison, this is not possible with macerating toilets as the water can’t pass through the macerator.

Eco Vac Turbine Only

The Eco Vac base will last about 4 years in an constant application. Product details: Weight 4kgs Turbine only - …...Read More...

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