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Incinerating Toilets

Cindi Basic Incinerating Toilet - AC Electric - Incinerating - Self Contained

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The Separett Cindi Basic incinerating toilet was launched in 2018. Simple and safe to use, the Cindi Basic needs no liquid outlet. All the waste is incinerated to vapor leaving a small amount of sterile ash residue. With a single program selection and a single button, you never have to think about which button to press to start an incinerating program. Cindi Basic incinerating toilet provides you with the information of what it is doing and if it requires any special attention via a series of light signals.

The Toilet Revolution Cindi Basic pack comes with everything you need to install and care for the product. Included is the vent kit air inlet device which allows fresh air into the room while incineration is in progress. It ensures that the unit has enough air to cool the heating element during the incineration cycle. Our pack also includes a wall mounted bowl liner dispenser and 4m of vent piping. We supply these as standard as they are required to install the unit correctly and run the unit long term.

Before your visit place a bag in the bowl, the bag protects the bowl from the faeces and limits the need for cleaning. Place the bag by lifting the lid and seat, then place the bag. When the bag is placed, the toilet is ready to be used. When the visit is completed, use the flush lever to open the hatch to the incineration chamber. Release the flush lever and start the incinerating process by pushing the button. Even if the toilet already is in an ongoing incineration process, it is extremely important to both use the flush lever and to start the program by pushing the button. Always start an incineration process after your visit.


Cindi Basic Incinerating Toilet


Cindi basic is a safe toilet. It has a wide array of built in safety systems that closely monitors the temperature in the oven, inside the toilet and the ventilation temperature. It is also fitted with at “stand alone” over heat protection that works outside the regular firmware. If the temperature in any location gets higher the normal the incinerating process automatically shuts down and the display informs you of this.

If you going away for a long time, it is important to consider the toilet. The fan should run continuously to prevent moist air from getting into the toilet. If the power is turned off the toilet should be pulled out from the pipe and the pipe plugged to prevent moist air from getting in to the room.

Capacity 6 People
Connection 2m cord
Height 53.5cm
Length 63.5cm
Width 39.5cm
Material White enamelled galvanised plate
Max Load 150kg
Noise Level 55dB(A)
Package size 77 x 46 x 73 cm (L x W x H)
Power consumption 1.8 kW, 0.6-2.4 Kwh per visit
Voltage 230 V, 10 amp fuse
Weight 42kgs

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