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Greywater Recycling

iclear 200 S - 200 litres / day

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The EWU Aqau greywater recycling treats greywater by membranes blowing air through the water allowing micro-biological action to cleanse the water.The membrane filtration ensures the safe and full retention of dirt particles with a filter pore size of 0.00005 mm. The filter module has 30 filter plates and can thus hold back bacteria with a size of 0.001 mm from entering the membrane. The membrane filter module is situated in the casing for an optimal ventilation and an easy access for removing it from the treatment tank. The system consists of a 750L tank for biological treatment and membrane filtration.  The Recycled greywater is collected in a second 500 l tank.

Including a potable water back up connection to ensure a supply if there is not enough clear water is available. Water treatment capacity of 200 litres per day. An iDiver immersion pressure pump is included in the service water tank to also ensure a safe supply to the points of consumption. The pump is equipped with an automatic control and a dry-run protection. The immersion pressure pump runs very quietly.



  • Water treatment up to 200 liters per day.
  • System for indoor installation
  • Continuous aeration of water
  • Including automatic pressure pump in clean water tank
  • Power consumption is approx 150 kWhr/ year =+/- 10 % based on water flow
  • Filter membrane lasts three years, can be reconditioned 3 times and then needs replacement
  • Voltage 230V / 50 Hz
  • 1300 kW
  • Height 1480mm
  • Length 1560mm
  • Depth 780mm


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