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Greywater Filters

Willa Greywater Filter - 750 Litres / day

Price: £2,921 inc. VAT | €3,175 inc. VAT    

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The Willa greywater filter is a purification unit for treating domestic greywater. The Willa greywater filter treats greywater from laundry, sinks and showers for a 5 person family home. Blackwater from a toilet must be not be put through the filter. Summary:

  • Capacity –  750 litres a day
  • Comes with a year of P media (4 bags) and wood chip (4 bags) – constant use
  • Comes with Insulation pack and buffer vessel included as standard
  • Filter uses no electricity (pumping package optional)
  • 865 mm height difference between inlet (50mm) and outlet (50mm), weight 45Kgs
  • Replace wood chip media after 100 days flow (constant use – estimate)
  • Replace P media once a year (constant use – estimate)
  • Avoid the use of bleach and other harsh chemicals – they reduce the efficacy of the Willa considerably
  • Download Drawing
  • Watch Willa installation video

The Willa works by treating greywater in three stages:Drawing

  • Coarse filter – the incoming water falls over the perforated cone to remove large items like food scraps, washing machine lint and hair.


  • Woodchip – the water then flows from the buffer vessel into the wood chip media that removes fats, oil and grease (FOG) from the water. The wood soaks up the FOGs from the water. The wood also allows bacteria to lower BOD (biological oxygen demand) from the water.When the filter has been in continuous use about 14 days the surface of the chips darken and  generates a mucus-like coating or bio-film. This is totally normal and no cause for concern. The bio-film is part of the treatment and contributes to the filtration.


  • P Media – the water collects in the cone at the base and it pushed up through the P filter media to the outlet. This media adsorbs chemicals from the water and brings the pH ( measure of acidity) to neutral.

Always use Willa chip bag and P Media. The test results, which meet Finnish standards, are only possible if the Willa wood chip and P media are used. If you use any other filter material the results may not be replicated.

Material Stainless steel
Weight 45 Kgs
Height 1230 mm
Diameter 600 mm
Inlet / Outlet head drop 865 mm
Inlet / Outlet Diameter  50 mm

The Willa greywater filter can be installed above or below ground. If it is installed below ground a chamber should be created for the unit that allows the bottom nut to be accessible.The inlet (50mm) is the upper connection, the lower (50mm) connection is the outlet. Downstream of the outlet a sampling access chamber should be installed to test the water in future.


Fill phosphorus trap in Willa’s lower portion with lime granules about 30 kg (2 bags provided).

Add the P

Place the funnel in place so that it goes under the bottom of the grid.


Set the bottom plate grid firmly in place. Make sure it is level.

Base Plate

Lift the wood chip bag into place. Open the bag and fold the upper part along Willa’s edges. Lightly press down the chips so that they lay evenly along the edges. Note when you add a new filter bag into the Willa, remember to cover the lid locking hooks on the upper part of the filter with the plastic covers that come with the product. Not doing this will result in treatment capacity being lowered significantly.

Wood Chip

If the inlet water point loads are large regularly (eg if you use washing machine, dishwasher and shower frequently and simultaneously), place the buffer vessel (included in the standard pack) on the chips. Use the supplied hooks on the edges of the filter. If the flow through the unit is too fast (incoming water flow > 0.5 litre / min), apply the plastic plugs in the holes in the buffer vessel one at a time until throughput is desired. If throughput is too slow and the buffer vessel threatens to overflow, clean holes in the buffer vessel. If this does not help then drill holes into the bottom of the buffer vessel (one at a time) until throughput is ideal (use 5 mm iron drill).

Willa Greywater Filter Buffer Vessel

Finally place the scattering cone, coarse filter into place. Cut a hole in the bag for the scattering cone. (Left picture with buffer vessel, right picture without buffer vessel).

Coarse Filter 2Coarse Filter

8. The lid has apertures to aerate the Willa greywater filter. Ensure that the installation allows air to get from the surface to the lid.


Willa Insulation Pack

The Willa insulation pack allows the Willa to withstand cold temperatures. Required in 12 month applications....Read More...


Willa Pumping Well

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Willa Wood Chip

Willa Wood Chip 4 Pack

Always use Willa chip bag and P Media. The test results, which meet Finnish standards, are only possible if the …...Read More...


Willa P Media

Always use Willa chip bag and P Media. The test results, which meet Finnish standards, are only possible if the …...Read More...

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