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Greywater Filters

Biolan Greywater Filter 125 - 500 Litres / day - Insulated

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The Biolan greywater filter 125 is a small purification plant for treating domestic greywater. The Greywater filter treats greywater from laundry, sinks and showers. Any wastewater from a toilet must be not be included. Summary:

  • A purifier for all greywater leaving the house
  • Capacity – 500 litres a day
  • Max Flow 20 litres / min
  • Filter uses no electricity (electric pumping pack optional)
  • 1040mm height difference between inlet and outlet
  • Installed above ground
  • Insulated body for 12 month use (electric warming cable optional)
  • Adjustable air valves to control air flow (open in summer, ajar in winter)
  • Replace media after 100 days flow
  • Biolan Greywater 125 Manual

Greywater Schematic

Biolan 125 Greywater filter’s design is based on mechanical and biological filtration of wastewater. Waste water travels through the media and suspended solids are removed. Micro organisms living in the media break the contaminants down in the presence of oxygen. Water flows through the trays of media in series purifying the water.

The Greywater Filter 125 consists of ten filter boxes placed one on top of the other. The greywater enters into the uppermost filter box. The wastewater cascades from one filter layer to the other through the openings in the end of the boxes. Air flows in through the lower air valve in the rear wall and out through the upper valve. The oxygen supply to the micro-organisms is essential for the operation of the unit.

The filter can deal with a small amount of antibacterial chlorine based cleaning products.

The Biolan greywater filter is made of frost-resistant materials and it is thermally insulated. The metal parts are of stainless steel. The unit is reliable in operation and long-lasting.

dimensions (height x width x depth)1230 x 600 x 1000 mm
pipe connectorsØ 75 mm sewer pipes
height difference of inlet and outlet connectors1040 mm (height of fall)
capacity500 litres a day
weight without the filter mass75 kg


Installing the filter

Place the greywater filter on a firm and even surface that is not susceptible to frost, such as, a bed of asennus_hvs_125_2  gravel or crushed stone or a cast concrete slab. The filter must be in a horizontal position both lengthwise and laterally to allow the wastewater flow smoothly and take advantage of the entire cleaning surface area of the filter material.

Connecting the pipes

While installing gravity flow sewers, a sufficient gradient (of at least 1-1,5 %) needs to be provided to allow the greywater to flow without obstruction from the house all the way to the discharge point.

There are inlet and outlet connectors for 75 mm sewer pipes on both sides of the modules. The inlet connectors are located at the upper edge and the outlet connectors at the lower edge of the modules. The inlet connectors of the modules are joined together using connecting pipes and a branch sleeve. The sewer pipe coming from the building is connected to the branch sleeve that joins the modules together. By means of the branch sleeve, the wastewater flow is distributed evenly to both modules. The even distribution can be ensured by installing a straight part 80 cm long in the inlet pipe before the branch sleeve to reduce turbulation of the incoming water flow.

The outlet connectors for purified water are located at the lower edge of the filter, on both sides of the modules. The purified wastewater can be conducted to the discharge point either separately from each module or by joining together the outlet connections of the modules using an intermediate pipe (not included in the delivery) and conducting the water out through the outlet connector of one of the modules. The outlet connectors of the modules can also be joined together using similar branch sleeve that was used in the inlet pipe. The the discharge point for the purified wasterwater can then be located between the modules. The excess inlet and outlet connectors shall be closed using the plugs included in the delivery.

If the purifier is to be used in winter, the inlet pipe must be insulated. Whether the outlet pipe needs to be insulated shall be considered case by case.

Putting the filter material in place


The filter material has been placed ready on the trays inside the unit. For transportation it is packed in plastic bags. Remove the plastic bags.

  1. Rip the filter material loose and spread it evenly across the box by tapping it gently. Depending on the packing method applied there may be excess filter material in the bag. The amount of filter material in the box is sufficient when its surface lies about 2 cm below the edge of the box
  2. Finally, draw the filter material about 5 cm to the rear from the V-openings in the discharge end of the box.
  3. The filter material boxes are identical, but observe their direction – in the uppermost box water flows towards the rear wall, in the next box it flows towards the service door etc. The lowermost box takes the water towards the rear wall, from where it falls along the formed bottom into the discharge sewer

Opening the air valves

The operation of the filter is based on the activity of micro-organisms. The micro-organisms need oxygen to survive. Therefore, the air exchange in the filter must be considered. There are two adjustable disk valves for ventilation in the rear wall of the modules. Set both disk valves of the module about 10–20 mm ajar for the summer. In winter keep the valves only slightly ajar (about 5–10 mm).

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