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Greywater Filters

BioBox Greywater Filter - 400 Litres / Day

Greywater filter

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The BioBox  greywater filter is a non insulated small purification plant for treating domestic greywater. The Greywater Filter cleans the washing, dish and laundry waters from a small home. The greywater flows through a series of filters. The filter pieces can be removed for clean and re inserted. The purification is based on the aerobic microbial activity that takes place in the filter element. The debris from the filters can be composted of disposed of. Any wastewater from a toilet must be not be included.


  • A purifier for all greywater leaving the house
  • Capacity – 400 litres a day, Max flow 50 litres / hour (about 5 persons)
  • 150mm height difference between inlet and outlet
  • 3 filter element types included: coarse, medium & fine
  • 12 m2 of filtration area in the filter
  • Filter elements should last 10 years approx
  • Can be installed below ground up to the level of the cover
  • Not insulated -freezing does not damage the unit, just ineffective while frozen
  • Download BioBox Greywater Drawing
  • Download BioBox Greywater Manual 400 Litre Day
  • BioBox CE Mark

Measurements BioBox Drawings
Module dimensions (width x depth x height) 600 x 600 x 630 mm
two modules installed in parallel (width) 1200 mm
fittings Ø 75 mm drain pipes
inlet and the outlet height 150 mm (drop height)
capacity 400 liters / day / module
weight 17 kg
Pipe slopes in and out 2-3 degrees

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