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Freezing Toilet

Icelett – Freezing Toilet - AC - Freezing Toilet - Self Contained

Price: £1,835 inc. VAT | €1,995 inc. VAT    

Icelett freezing toilet is electric toilet that can be use anywhere there is mains power. Often used as a supplementary toilet in homes and hospitals where people can’t access the other toilets in the building to to mobility issues.

Icelett Freezing Toilet Summary:

Adjusting the freezing toilet temperature

The freezing temperature is factory-set at 3 ½, making the device operate at between -18 and -14 degrees Celsius.

What you can put into the Icelett freezing toilet

The Icelett is intended for toilet waste. Do not put into the unit anything that hampers the subsequent composting process, does not compost or is a fire hazard, such as:

  • debris, sanitary towels
  • chemicals, lime
  • detergents, washing water
  • matches, ash, cigarette butts
  • Using bulking material

You do not need to use mulch in the Biolan Icelett. Adding it to the composter afterwards is sufficient. For visual reasons, bedding material, can be added after use. On the other hand, using these substances reduces the need to add litter during the composting stage but the toilet will fill up faster.


The Biolan Icelett shall be emptied when it fills up. The emptying interval depends on the frequency of use. Turn the mouth of the bag inside the vessel and lift the vessel out of the unit.
Compost the waste in a composter for household waste or garden waste. To soak liquid, apply mulch abundantly to the compost before adding toilet waste to the compster. Break the surface of the bag. Finally, cover with a generous layer of mulch. Check whether ice has formed on the edges of the seat bowl. If necessary, melt the ice and dry the walls of the bowl before putting a new bag into place.

64 cm
width44 cm
height56 cm
sitting height48 cm
weight30 kg
size of the inner receptacle20 litres
length of the power cord2.20 m
voltage230 V
fuse4 A
capacity60 W
consumption of electricitymax. 0.73 kWh/day


Installing the Icelett Freezing Toilet

When locating the Biolan Icelett, reserve sufficient space for use and maintenance of the unit, and ensure the supply of electricity. The toilet unit must not be attached to either the ventilation system or the sewer. The unit is placed on the floor. It is advisable to have a plan the composting or disposal of toilet waste.

Placing in the toilet space

The unit shall be installed indoors. Floor heating or in the immediate vicinity of a radiator or any other heat source is not recommended. Heat increases the unit’s electricity consumption. Optimal room temperature is 10-22 degrees Centigrade. The unit shall be installed on a level, stable surface. For this purpose, it is equipped with legs that can be adjusted by turning. When moved, the unit should be gripped at as low a point as possible.

Before use

Wait one hour before starting to use the toilet to get the correct temperature. Check that the unit is in a horizontal position. If necessary, adjust the unit using its adjustable feet. Press the bottom of the bag onto the bottom of the vessel, and fold the edges of the bag over the vessel’s rim. Put the bucket in place inside the unit. The bucket is properly in place, when the seat ring and the cover close making a good seal. Plug in the unit and turn it on using the switch on the rear wall – the green signal light will illuminate. The red signal light remains lit until the temperature inside drops to -12 °C, but the toilet can be used immediately.

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