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Composting Toilet

Separett Villa 9010 Separating Compost Toilet - DC 12 V - Urine Diverting - Self Contained

Price: £739 inc. VAT | €840 inc. VAT    

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For cottages that do not have access to a 230V power supply, the Separett Villa 9010 compost toilet model is available with a 12V fan. The fan on the Separett Villa 9010 (2.5W, 210mA) is suitable for battery and solar power. Operating time using a 12V, 100Ah battery is about 2 weeks. If your application does not have mains power this is a very popular option. But if you have mains power the Separett Villa 9000 AC unit is the better choice as it has a stronger fan. The Separett Villa 9010 is a urine diverting compost toilet so that solid waste is collected in the unit for composting outside. Please follow the link to learn more about the term urine diverting toilets. The advantages of the the Separett Villa 9010 are low ongoing costs and unlimited amount of potential users.

Apart from the 12V fan (which is weaker than the Separett Villa 9000 and has only one speed) the Separett Villa 9010 is identical to the Separett Villa 9000. It is also supplied complete for simple installation with a venting pipe to run through a wall and a 2-meter long hose for urine waste. The product comes a transformer 12/230V and cable.

Material Impact-resistant high-gloss
polypropylene, recyclable
Inner container 23 litres Polypropylene
Max Loading 150kgs
Voltage/Wattage 12DC/2.5W/210mA
Power consumption 0.06kWh/24 hrs
Electrical connection Battery cable 1.9 m or power adapter 12/230V
Noise level fan <30dB(A)

The Separett Villa 9010 includes

  • Vent pipe 40 cm (Ø75 mm)
  • Vent grid
  • Indoor flashing for vent pipe
  • Connector pipe 90°
  • Vent cowl
  • 3 solid waste containers and 2 lids
  • 10 compostable waste bags
  • 2 m white hose for urine waste (Ø32 mm)
  • Silicone sealant compound
  • Mounting screws
  • Battery cable and power adapter

Installation measurements

The Separett Villa 9010 compost toilet collects the solid waste for composting later. For this reason the Villa 9010 can be work in cold environments as composting, which requires warmth, is not expected. The toilet will function in both warm and cold locations. It must be possible to route the urine away and to mount a venting pipe. Access to 12V is necessary.

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