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Composting Toilet

Rescue Camping Toilet - Camping toilet

Compost Toilet DIY kit Separett Privy 501 in

Price: £84 inc. VAT | €96 inc. VAT    

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The Rescue camping toilet is perfect when in need of a temporary toilet e.g. in cottages, boats, RV’s, camps, guest-houses and building sites and going camping.

The Rescue Camping toilet comes complete and ready for use. A compostable bag is attached to the toilet so only solids are collected. Rescue Camping toilet is an economical solution for temporary use.

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Uses no water, power or chemicals

Material Polypropylene, recyclable
Hose 1 m, Ø 19 mm
Weight about 4 kg
Height 430 mm
Bag Robust nylon, adjustable strap

The Rescue Camping Toilet includes:

A hose for urine waste, Compostable waste bags, equipment bag



Is the toilet going to be used all year round? YesNo

Do you have AC power? YesNo

Is your property single story? YesNo

Is there space below floor for a composter? YesNo

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