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Composting Toilet

Biolan Simplett - Non Electric - Urine Diverting - Self Contained

Price: £367 inc. VAT | €399 inc. VAT    

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Biolan Simplett is a small compact dry toilet. Attractive in dark grey, the unit is vented passively via the 75mm diameter vent pipe that leaves the unit horizontally. The ideal direction for a flue is vertical like the other Biolan units. For this reason the cowl is recommended to draw air up the flue past the 90 degree bend. The Simplett is smaller and suited to lower usage than say the Separating Dry Biolan. The urine runs through the unit and can go to a soakaway or a container.

Using bulking material

Use some bulking material after use to control the odours. Before using for the first time or when the container is changed add 50mm of bulking material to the bottom of the container to soak up excess fluid. Doing this will prevent smells.


When the inner container fills up, empty it into the composter. It is important to choose a secure pest proof composting bin that pets can’t get into. This must be a consideration when composting faecal matter. A Biolan 220 is ideal.  The container should be lined with a compostable bag to allow easy change out.


All parts of the Biolan Simplett dry toilet can be cleaned using any common domestic cleaning agent. The parts of the toilet can be disassembled, and, if you disconnect the liquid removal and ventilation pipes, you can even take the unit out. Wash the liquid bowl at the top and the liquid funnel. Flush the liquid pipe with warm water and a mild detergent or crystallised sodium at least once a year to remove any precipitate that the urine may have formed.

Product dataBiolan Simplett Manual
Dimensions (height x width x depth)515m x 525mm x 560mm
Weightabout 8 kg
Sitting height490 mm
Volume of the waste tankabout 28 litres
Diameter of the outlet air pipe75 mm
Connector for the liquid removal pipe32 mm
Materialdyed throughout UV protected polyethylene
OtherHinged Pehvakka thermal seat


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