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Composting Toilet

Biolan Separating Dry Compost Toilet - Non Electric - Urine Diverting - Self Contained

Composting Toilet Biolan Separating Dry Dark Grey in

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Biolan Separating dry compost toilet is ideal for allotments, farms, campsites and other activity outdoor centres. Attractive in dark grey, odourless operation is ensured by the vertical vent that needs to go up through the roof with no bends. The main advantage of urine diversion is that there is no maximum capacity of users as long as you change out the container. Urine diversion also minimises the volume of waste by 80% and drying the solid waste greatly controls odours. Click link for a full explanation on the pros and cons of urine diverting toilets.

Sit to pee

This Biolan Separating dry compost toilet has two separate inner containers for solid waste. One of them is used at a time. When one of the containers is full, it is moved to the back and the other container is used. When both containers are full the toilet must be emptied. When emptying the toilet, cover each container with the lids. The vent pipe is disconnected from the toilet cover and the toilet lid is tilted to one side so that the inner container may be lifted out.

Before the Biolan urine diverting compost toilet is used for the first time please add 3 cm of compost bedding at the bottom of the container. Users must always use the separating toilet in a seated position. The first few times you use it you should check that you are sitting in the correct position to ensure urine and solid separation. Don’t forget to tell guests too !!

The Biolan Separating Dry compost toilet is intended for toilet waste. The unit is not suitable to receive the following:

  • Sanitary towels
  • Chemicals, lime
  • Detergents
  • Ash, cigarette butts

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MeasurementsBiolan Separating Dry Toilet Drawing
78 cm
Width59.4 cm
Seat height53 cm
Height85 cm
Height of handle98.5 cm
Weightabout 16 kg
Each tank volume (2)30 liters
Mulch tank volume28 liters
Vent pipe diameter75 mm
Vent pipe length, 2 pieces2 x 750 mm (Total 2.1m)
 vent pipe length, 1 pc1x 600 mm (Total 2.1m)
Diameter of the fluid outlet tube32 mm

General OrientationComposting Toilet Biolan Separating Dry

The Separating Dry compost toilet is installed at floor level in a horizontal position. When deciding the position of the toilet please take into account the vent stack, the liquid outlet and the removal of compost.

Installing the vent pipe

The vent pipe runs from the toilet, straight up though the roof without bends. Bends in the vent pipe impede natural ventilation, causing odor problems. The non electric Biolan fan can be installed to boost ventilation.

Separated fluid management

Please note that the device does not have a u bend trap. If the liquid is connected to a container the hose should be connected at the bottom of the container. This way air cannot move around and carry smells from the container back up the pipe – thus minimising odours.

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