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Composting Toilet

Biolan Populett 200 Composting Toilet - Non Electric - Urine Diverting - Into Floor Install

Price: £1,329 inc. VAT | €1,445 inc. VAT    

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Biolan Populett 200 composting toilet is ideal for allotments, campsites and nature parks where there may be higher numbers of users. The Biolan Populett features a detachable 200 litre container at the rear that can be clipped off and replaced when full. Since the container can be replaced there is the potential for unlimited user numbers. A shed can be built around the unit as part of the toilet is below floor level. This is required to achieve a traditional toilet seat height. Much of the urine is soaked into the compost and any excess liquid seeps through the compost and can be collected in a container, treated by Soutis or allowed to soak into the ground if conditions and permissions allow. The Populett 200 composting toilet can be put in urine diverting mode or not. If there are many urine users anticipated, urine diverting mode is advised to prevent the compost becoming saturated.

  • Suitable for commercial applications for higher user numbers
  • 200 L capacity with unique interchangeable container design
  • No power or water required
  • Vented naturally via vertical 110mm vent – can be boosted with the Biolan cowl
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Download Manual Populett 200
  • Guarantee 5 years on body, 1 year on parts
  • Biolan Populett Toilet Drawing


To empty the Biolan Populett 200 litre container turn it upside down and shovel out the material. Numerous containers can be ordered for one unit so you can allow the composting process to occur in the container. The Populett toilet 200 composting toilet is fitted with a bracket for the waste bin lift of the truck.



  • Remove the thermal seat and the sealing strip or cover from between the wall and the unit, if installed.
  • Take the liquid hose out from the canister/tank and fix it to the hose bracket by turning.
  • Pull the compost mixer to its rear position.
  • Disconnect the air pipe from the toilet unit by lifting.
  • Pull the unit out of the building/ shed
  • Tilt the unit so that you will be able to put the shaft with wheels in place.
  • Transfer the unit to the emptying location or leave the mass inside the tank for composting and replace it with a new tank.

Emptying the seep liquid canister

Empty the seep liquid canister as required, however, at least once a year. Seep liquid, rich in nutrients, can be utilized as a source of nitrogen for compost. In particular, this improves the composting process of garden compost that is rich in carbon but poor in nutrients. Seep liquid can also be used as fertilizer for ornamental plants in the yard and garden. A safe dilution ratio is 1:5. Undiluted seep liquid can also be used, but the area must then be carefully watered after the application to avoid early blight. Fertilizing in the autumn is not recommended so as not to disturb the preparation of perennial plants for winter. The recommended storing time before use as fertilizer is approximately one year.


The thermal seat of the Populett 200 composting toilet can be cleaned using any common domestic cleaning agents. The liquid pipe and the liquid trough under the intermediate bottom shall be checked once a year and cleaned as necessary. There is no need to wash the toilet tank in connection with emptying it.

Product DetailsBiolan Populett Toilet Drawing
volume200 litres
seat height48 cm
height93.5 cm
weightabout 50 kg
exhaust pipe diameter110 mm
the diameter of the fluid outlet tube32 mm
colormud brown

General Orientation

The Biolan Populett 200 composting toilet is installed half way through the floor. The unit height is 880mm from base to the seat so 430mm of the unit needs to be below the floor level so that a seat height of 450mm is achieved. The base should be stable, ideally a concrete pad and not below ground level as this may flood during if it rains. It is often best achieved by having a removable section at the back for the shed to allow the compost bins to be changed.

 Installing the vent pipe

The Ø 110mm diameter vent pipe runs from the toilet, straight up though the roof without bends. Bends in the vent pipe impede natural ventilation, causing odour problems. The non electric Biolan fan can be installed to boost ventilation. When installed the vent pipe is not in the toilet room but outside running up the external wall.

Diverted liquid management

Depending on how many people will be using the Populett 200 you may choose to divert the urine. If it is anticipated that many users will be urinating (only) then it is recommend to set the unit in urine diverting mode. The uncontaminated urine can either be collected in a container or discharged to ground if conditions allow.

Seep liquid management

There is a liquid outlet from the bottom of the Biolan Populett 200 composting toilet which allows excess liquid that has seeped through the compost to drain out. This liquid can go to a container, be treated by Soutis or be allowed to soak into the soil if conditions allow.

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