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Composting Toilet

Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet - Non Electric - Internal Composting - Into Floor Instal

Price: £1,237 inc. VAT | €1,345 inc. VAT    

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Biolan Eco hot composting toilet is ideal for allotments and other outdoor applications. It looks quite basic but it has been thoroughly designed to support hot composting which is 10 times faster than cool composting. Composting activity will not start unless the temperature of the pile is over 13 degrees C which means that the Biolan insulated body outperforms the basic shed-style products that are available. It features easy removal of compost from the base, patented venting controls that allows the user to retain heat in winter and seep liquid management so the compost never becomes water logged. Installation of the Biolan Eco hot composting toilet is either partially through the floor or using steps at the front to achieve a traditional seat height.

The Biolan Eco hot composting toilet is genuinely unique in the market. It has a patented ventilation system that allows the user to vary the air supply into the toilet. In winter the air intake needs to be lowered so that the heat generated by the microbes in the pile is retained; and thermophilic or hot composting is achieved. In summer the vent can be opened up to maximize air flow. Most of the urine soaks into the pile or evaporates during composting. Any excess liquid seeps through the compost and can collected in a container, be treated using the Soutis unit or discharged to ground (if permissions allow). The running and installation costs are very low because no power or water connection are required.

  • Suitable for up to 4-6 people on a daily basis (up to 8 on a weekend basis)
  • Free roof flashing now included !!
  • Insulated body to retain heat for hot composting
  • No power required
  • Vented naturally (2m of vent pipe supplied) – can be boosted with the Biolan cowl
  • Seep liquid is can either be contained, treated with Soutis or discharged to ground
  • 35 kgs
  • See service video showing compost removal
  • Download Manual Eco Composting
  • Guarantee 5 years on body, 1 year on parts
  • Comes seep liquid canister and 1 x 40L bag of bedding
  • Biolan Drawing Download

Start Up & Use

Place about 20 litres of compost bedding in the Biolan Eco Hot Composting Toilet before the first use. The composting process will start when the toilet is about half full. The unit is insulated so that the bacteria thrive in the warm environment. As the heap rises the amount of seep liquid comes out the bottom will reduce as there is more compost to soak up the urine.

It is best to keep the composting toilet closed to ensure that the air flow is up the vent. This is especially necessary in winter to minimise heat loss.The Biolan hot composting toilet is intended for toilet waste. The unit is not suitable to receive the following:

  • Sanitary towels
  • Chemicals, lime
  • Detergents
  • Ash, cigarette butts
Product DetailsBiolan Eco Drawing
Volume200 litres
Base54 x 54 cm
Seat cover size65 x 65 cm
Heightabout 97 cm
Weightabout 24 kg
Exhaust pipe outside diameter75 mm
Exhaust vent length2 x 1000 mm
Liquid outlet pipe diameter32 mm
Seep liquid tube length95 cm
Seep liquid container25 liters
ColorMud brown

General Orientation

Watch the installation video

There are two installation options Either, Install the Biolan Eco Hot Composting Composting Toilet Biolan Ecotoilet through the floor so that the toilet seat is 450mm from the floor. The base of the product should be therefore 520mm below the floor level. The base should be stable, ideally a concrete pad and not below ground level as this may flood when it rains. Please allow for the liquid outlet and compost removal from the rear of the unit. Alternatively, Install the unit on the floor and use a series of steps to access the toilet. The steps will have to be roughly 500mm in order for people to be able to sit on the unit and you will still need to be able to access the rear for compost removal. Option one is more popular.

 Installing the vent pipe

There are two 75mm outlets on top of the unit. The holes are identical, so you can choose which one suits the installation best. The vent pipe runs from the toilet, straight up though the roof without bends. Bends in the vent pipe impede natural ventilation, causing odor problems. The non electric Biolan cowl can be installed to boost ventilation.

Seep liquid management

There is a liquid outlet from the bottom of the Biolan Eco hot composting Toilet which allows excess liquid that has seeped through the compost to drain out. This liquid can go to a container, be treated by Soutis or be allowed to soak into the soil if the water table is at least 1.5m below the level of discharge. This liquid can be used as a fertiliser if stored for 6 month and then diluted 5:1 with water.


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