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Which Waterless Toilet is for me?

We know that the waterless toilet products that we sell are unfamiliar to most people and can be confusing. So in this post we outline typical scenarios and match these up with waterless toilet solutions.

If you want the toilet in the home and you have mains electricity your options are the Sun Mar Excel, Sun Mar Compact, Separett Villa 9000 or Separett Flame 8000. If you have space below the floor for a composter then the Centrex 2000 and 3000 are options along with Wostman Eco Dry or Separett Villa 9020. You may have mains power but may prefer not to use any in which case the Sun Mar Non Electric units are an option but note that their capacity is one person less than the electric.

If you want the toilet in an outhouse or shed where there is no mains power your options are the Biolan Eco, Biolan Separating Dry, Biolan Komplet or Sun Mar Excel NE. If you wanted to use a solar panel to charge a battery you can use the Separett Villa 9010 which has a 12V fan built in but this needs a battery to power the fan and a solar panel (or other means) to charge the battery.

If you want a toilet on a boat that is for open water where there will be some  lateral motion the options are the Air Head urine diverting toilet or the Sun Mar Mobile. These are units that are designed for tight spaces and can also handle the motion. If the toilet is for a canal boat your options are the either the Sun Mar Compact or Excel composting toilets or the Separett Villa 9000 urine diverting toilet all which need AC mains power. If you do not have mains power the options are the 12 V Separett Villa 9010 urine diverting toilet or the Sun Mar Excel NE composting toilet.

Generally speaking if your usage is going to be predominantly urine then a urine diverting compost toilet is likely the best option for you, as the urine flows through the toilet to a soakaway or container. Internal composting toilets perform best where the usage is solids and liquids. The urine keeps the compost moist enough to facilitate break down to compost. Incinerating toilets are a great way of dealing with solids too, as they incinerate solids to sterile ash. But if the use is mostly urine then perhaps using the incinerating toilet is not ideal as you are using power to boil off the urine when you could easily allow the urine to soak away. Unisex waterless urinals are a useful addition to incinerating toilets to reduce the power consumption. Please contact us by clicking to email address at the very top of this page for a spreadsheet to calculate running costs of any toilet.

Choosing the unit buy number of people it is for relates to composting toilets and incinerating toilets because they break down the waste in the unit, and as such have a maximum capacity for this process – see max person capacity on each composting and incinerating toilet product page. Urine diverting toilets however, just collect the waste and divert the urine, so as long as you keep changing the container there is unlimited potential usage.

Internal Composting toilet: Pro is that the waste breaks down in the unit so compost is removed. Con is that you cannot exceed the stated capacity as composting takes it’s own sweet time.

Urine diverting compost toilet Pro is that there is no maximum capacity. Con is that males have to sit to pee and you have to remove non composted waste and compost this waste elsewhere.

Incinerating toilet Pro is that the solid waste is turned to ash. Con is the power usage and that urination requires a bowl liner each time.

Deep Freeze toilet Pro is that it’s plug and play set up requires no installation (as there is no venting) so it’s ready to use in 30 mins. Con is that you have blocks of frozen waste to deal which will thaw.

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