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Marine Composting Toilet

Marine composting toilets provide an economical sanitary solution on board a boat. Odourless operation is ensured by a 12 V fan running all the time. Marine composting toilet in this section are compact as possible as space is at a premium in either motor homes or on board a boat. Traditional flush toilets use a lot of water and require a large tank below deck. This tank needs to be emptied at pump-out stations which can be expensive and in inconvenient locations. A marine composting toilet on the other hand is totally self contained with no need for a tank below the deck or any water supply. Chemical toilets are inconvenient in the long run and raise environmental concerns. A marine composting toilet uses no chemical and facilitates natural microbes to break down the waste into safe composted material.

Marine Composting Toilet operation


The Sun Mar Mobile is a marine composting toilet so the waste breaks down in the unit. Like all the other Sun Mar composting toilets the Sun Mar mobile features the 360 degree rotatable Bio-Drum that allows you to roll the compost in the unit. Here is a full explanation of how composting toilets work in general. Marine composting toilets differ from the domestic units in that they are designed to fit in very tight spaces. They also have special seals and fixings to that allow the toilet to work even though the vessel may be subject to significant motion. In short, a marine composting toilet provides the freedom you want with low ongoing running costs. Click the marine composting toilet image below for more information.


General Marine Composting Toilet Summary:


  • No expensive pumps outs required
  • Odourless operation provided by 12 V extract fan
  • Constant on fan improves air quality in the cabin
  • No noise of flushing or pumping systems
  • Additional fixings and seals to combat the motion on board
  • Compact units fit into tight spaces
  • Low running costs
  • NSF Certified see listing here
Marine Composting Toilet Sun Mar Mobile in

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12 V DC - Internal Composting - Self Contained

Sun Mar Marine Composting Toilet 12V DC

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