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Incinerating Toilets

Incinerating toilets incinerate all waste in the toilet. All liquid and solid waste, including the toilet paper, are incinerated. Only sterile ash remains for easy disposal. Incinerating toilets are ideal for people who want all the convenience of a flush toilet. Instead of flushing you just press a button and the waste is ash. The ash is removed from the toilet once every two weeks, or so, depending on usage. The ash needs no follow up and can be added to a refuse bin or to a compost pile. Incinerating toilets, like everything we supply, require no septic tank, percolation area or water connection. Separett incinerating toilets has the highest safety standards and are equipped with a number of safety features that are independent of each other. They are also equipped with a mechanical overheating protection that only can be reset manually – ensuring safety. Toilet Revolution are incinerating toilets distributors for the UK and Ireland.

How do Incinerating Toilets work?


Using an incinerating toilet is the most similar to a flush toilet as after each use nothing remains from the previous user. Both solid and liquid waste are collected in the incineration chamber using a bowl liner.  After use press the start button and the contents, including the toilet paper, are incinerated. Vapour is removed by a fan on the electric 230V model. In order to ensure function over time it is important that the installation is done according to the installation manual and that the toilets is cared for in accordance with the user manual. It isn’t hard but its important that it’s done correctly.

Incinerating Toilet Summary


  • No odours
  • All solid and liquid waste is incinerated into sterile ash and vapour
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Unit for domestic use
  • Installation pictures required to validate warranty

Incinerating Toilet Quick Comparison


Cindi Basic Cindi Family
Simple code display on back of toilet Information display console
One program – only one button Two programs (short and long)
N/a Menu for user settings
N/a Heating element auto off when lid opens
Software updated by Separett only Software updated by owner using USB key
N/a Latest software is free of charge
N/a Includes back up battery to run fan when mains power unavailable

£2,900 inc. VAT | €3,295 inc. VAT

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AC Electric - Incinerating - Self Contained

Cindi Basic Incinerating Toilet

£3,428 inc. VAT | €3,895 inc. VAT

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AC Electric - Incinerating - Self Contained

Cindi Family Incinerating Toilet

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