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Greywater Recycling

Greywater recycling systems are used to treat greywater so it can be reused. Greywater is the term given to water that comes from the home that does not include water from toilets. Greywater contains food scraps, soap scum, lint from clothes as well as the detergents and cleaning products that are used in the home. The recycled greywater is not suitable for human consumption but it can be used to water the garden or used to flush toilets. A rough estimate of water use in the home is 100 litres per person per day so recycling this greywater can save save up to 36,000 litres of drinking water per year per person.

How does Greywater Recycling work?


The EWU Aqua greywater recycling systems treat greywater by blowing air through the water allowing micro-biological action to cleanse the water. See the individual product page for the particle size that the filters can trap. In general there is one tank for the treatment of greywater and a second tank for the storage of greywater before it is used in the garden or home. There is a built in pump to pump the greywater to the outlet. The pump has dry run protection in case there is not enough water coming in. There is also a connection to mains water if there is not enough greywater to keep the greywater recycling system membranes from drying out. The greywater recycling systems can be installed above ground or below ground to suit your needs.

  • A purifier for greywater from showers, washing machine and taps
  • Not suitable for greywater from kitchen containing grease
  • Uses electricity
  • Requires replacement filters

Price on request

200 litres / day

iclear 200 S

Price on request

200 litres / day

iclear 200 L

Price on request

500 litres / day

Power Clear 500 underground

Price on request

1000 litres / day

Power Clear 1000 underground

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