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Biolan Electric Inline Fan

Biolan inline fan is suitable for the Biolan Eco, Separating dry, Simplett and Komplet. The fan is DC so it can run off a battery. AC power can also be used as the product comes with a transformer. Installation of the fan is advised if the toilet is to be indoors. Comes with AC transformer […]

Biolan Waterless Urinal

Biolan waterless urinal is made from robust moulded plastic. The waterless urinal is especially handy if using a urine diverting toilet so that men can stand and pee as normal. The urinal has it’s own vent so that urine odours are vented out of the room naturally. It comes in a stain resistant dark brown […]

Biolan Bulking Material

Biolan Bulking Material is a blend made of pure, dried and ground conifer bark, wood and peat for composting and dry toilets. Applying it regularly keeps the compost mass airy and ensures the composting is efficient and odourless. After every bowel movement or when adding organic waste to the compost bin add some bedding material. Store in […]

Spare Bin

The spare container clips in at the back when the Populett 200 is full. The spare bin can be put in place in 5 minutes so that you facilities are always ready. Comes with lid Enables the exchange of composting tank

Biolan Soutis Replacement Filter Media

Replace filter media for Biolan Soutis when the liquid leaving the unit has a pH less than 9. The old filter material can be composted or added to soil. The filter media needs to be replaced after 60 litres of fluid has gone through it. It comes in three parts: Sand Filter Materials: sand filter, 3 […]

Biolan Soutis Treatment Unit

The Biolan Soutis treats the excess liquid that comes through the compost. No electricity required Filter media is needs to be changed when the liquid has a pH lower than 9; roughly after 60 litres of leachate Purified water is harmless to the environment Must be installed above ground in order to change media periodically […]

Biolan Cowl Non Electric

The wind powered cowl boosts the ventilation from the toilet aiding evaporation of liquids and extracting odours on Biolan toilets. Suitable for the Biolan Eco, Biolan Separating Dry, Biolan Simplett, Biolan Populet and Biolan Komplet. No electricity required Easy to install 75mm & 110mm diameter 110mm version removes 100m3 of air per hour at 5m/s […]

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