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Outdoor Toilet - Accessories

Biolan Waterless Urinal

Price: £136 inc. VAT | €148 inc. VAT    

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untitledBiolan waterless urinal is made from robust moulded plastic. The waterless urinal is especially handy if using a urine diverting toilet so that men can stand and pee as normal. The urinal has it’s own vent so that urine odours are vented out of the room naturally. It comes in a stain resistant dark brown colour. Ideally spray down every day that it is in use with a mild cleaning solution.

  • Needs no electricty or special fluids
  • Odourless vented urinal
  • Stain resistant brown colour
  • Useful to collect urine for fertiliser (allotments etc)
  • Download Biolan Urinal PDF
  • Biolan non electric fan optional
  • Can installed inside the cabin or outside

Pack Includes:

  • Stainless steel grille
  • Mounting plate (4 screws)
  • 50mm diameter liquid out pipe
  • 75mm diameter air vent pipe (3 x 750mm)
  • Vent pipe hat
  • Backets for liquid pipe and air vent


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