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Biolan Soutis Treatment Unit

Price: £345 inc. VAT | €375 inc. VAT    

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The Biolan Soutis treats the excess liquid that comes through the compost.

  • No electricity required
  • Filter media is needs to be changed when the liquid has a pH lower than 9; roughly after 60 litres of leachate
  • Purified water is harmless to the environment
  • Must be installed above ground in order to change media periodically
  • Soutis Drawing

The filter is mounted on a flat, stable, load-bearing, frost-resistant surface. The filter must be horizontal in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, so that the liquid flows smoothly and evenly over the entire surface. The filter should be installed so that the air can pass through the filter. Connect the pipe (which should have a gradient of 1.5%) coming from the toilet to the first part of the filter. The outlet should be installed at the required gradient to allow the fluid to flow unimpeded discharge point.

Biolan Suotis filter is based on physical, chemical and biological filtration. The fluid flows through the filter by gravity. The filter includes three different types of filtering material.

  • In the first section of filter material is Biolan Sand Filter, which filters the liquid of solid impurities.
  • In the second section the Mass-N removes the ammonium and nitrogen.
  • Finally, the phosphorus mass, Mass-P, removes the phosphorus.

Air circulation is provided by the grill in the cover. The filter is made of frost-resistant materials.


MeasurementsSoutis Drawing
Dimensions (width x height x depth)
235 x 475 x 560 mm
fittingsØ 19 – 32 mm
inlet and the outlet height55 mm (drop height)
The maximum capacity5 liters per hour
weight27 kg

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