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Air Outlet Filter - Sun Mar Air Outlet FIlter

Price: £133 inc. VAT | €145 inc. VAT    

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Sun Mar air outlet filter box fits to the vent outlet. It uses a combination of carbon and zeolite to filter the exhaust. Ideally the vent should go high up to disperse the odours but if this is not possible then this filter can reduce odours from the vent outlet. The filter carbon media needs to be changed approximately every 1-2 months and the zeolite it can be recharged by soaking in salt water and then allowing it to dry. The filter inlet and outlet filter 2″ 3″ and 4″ so it is fits the Sun Mar electric range and the Separett range which has a 75mm vent outlet.

The carbon is quite easy to source. Contact us for a link. The carbon should be granular, pieces of 5mm approx. Each change uses 125ml of carbon approx.


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