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Compost Toilet Urine Diverting - Accessories

Ejektortank 50 Litre Urine Dilution Tank


Price: £172 inc. VAT | €195 inc. VAT    

0016-blaThe Separett Ejektortank is easy to install, uses no electricity and automatically mixes 8 parts water to 1 part urine. Access to water with a minimum pressure of 2.5 bar (250 kPa) is required.A float indicates when the tank is full.

The Ejektortank mixes urine and water and is emptied and cleaned automatically without the need for user intervention. Studies have shown that 8:1 is the ideal dilution for fertilising the garden.

The Ejektortank connects to a 1/2″ garden hose. A 10 metre long 3/4″ emptying hose with a 50 cm nozzle is included. (The hose can be extended to 20 metres).

This accessory can be used with all urine diverting toilets.

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