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Compost Toilet Urine Diverting - Accessories

Additional (2m) Vent Pipe - Vent Pipe

Price: £57 inc. VAT | €65 inc. VAT    

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The Villa comes with 400m of vent pipe to get through the back wall. The 2m of pipe (plus a 90 deg bend) allows you to have the vent outlet 2m higher to dispel odours. This is suitable if the location of the outlet is a populated area (a patio for exmaple)

  • 2 x 1 m of 75mm pipe
  • connector included to join the 2 x 1 m sections
  • 2 wall mounts

Make sure all joints are carefully sealed with silicone. The Villa 9000 can be installed without any restrictions as to length or the number of 90° bends. For Villa 9010 with a 12V fan, we recommend a maximum of two 90° bends.

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