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Incinerating Toilets

Flame 8000 Incinerating Toilet - AC Electric

NEW Separett Flame 1 frilagd låguplöst

Price: £2850 | €3762

The Flame 8000 incinerating toilet was launched in 2012 and updated in 2015. Simple and safe to use, the Flame 8000 needs no liquid outlet. All the waste is incinerated to vapor leaving a small amount of sterile ash residue. The Toilet revolution Flame 8000 pack comes with the vent kit which automatically allows fresh air into the room while incineration is in progress. This extends the life of the heating element in the incinerating toilet. It ensures that the unit has enough air to cool the heating element. The pack also includes a wall mounted bowl liner dispenser. We supply these as standard as they are required to run the unit long term. Improvements in the 2015 model are thicker metal in the combustion chamber, improved catalytic converter for lower emissions and its easier to empty the ash pan. Separett Flame Quick Guide:

  • Pack includes £200 worth of extras as standard (1000 bowl liners, bowl liner dispenser, cowl & vent kit)
  • Place bowl liner before each visit – WATCH THE USER VIDEO
  • Energy use is 0.4kw – 1.3kw per visit – contact us for cost estimator sheet
  • 45 min program for solids 550 deg
  • 10 min program evaporates urine 550 deg
  • Fan program, to expel shower condensation
  • Capacity 6 people and emptying the ash box each week
  • 3 people can use the toilet after each other, then allow 60 min for the next user
  • Toilet can be used during incinerating cycle
  • Everyone should sit when using the Flame
  • Often used in conjunction with Separett Pee Unisex waterless urinal to lower electricity usage
  • 28kgs
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • Download the Separett Flame Manual and watch installation video and fuse change video

Flame-8000-2The internal fan will quietly and effectively removes odors and moisture from the toilet and bathroom. Ventilation duct run straight through an exterior wall.

Separett Flame 8000 has no requirement for room temperature, but works in both cold and warm space. It can be placed as desired and need not be attached to the wall or floor.

The built-in controller makes it possible to use two different programs, thereby enabling an energy efficient combustion of the waste.

Separett Flame 8000 comes with child seat, 500 bowl liners and the Cowl.

The ash that is removed is safe to use in the garden.

Emptying the ash box

  • Open the hatch in the front of the toilet by loosening the locks
  • on the sides
  • Pull the front off
  • Turn the ash box to the left
  • Pull out the ash box
  • Empty the ash box

Replacing the ash box

  • Check that the track in the ash box is towards the handle
  • Place the ash box into the slot and slide in
  • Turn the ash box to the right so that the ash box is sealed

Material Upper Polystyrene, Vanity White lacquered galvanized sheet, inner stainless steel
Material Seat High Gloss Polypropylene, Ash tray Stainless steel
Heating Element 240v, 1.6 kW
Energy 0.4 to 1.3 kW / Visit
Electrical Cable 2.4 m, grounded plug
Ash box size  3.3litre

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Separett Flame incinerating toilet has no requirement for room temperature, but works in both cold and warm space. It can be placed as desired and need not be attached to the wall or floor.

Venting can be done through a wall or ceiling with a maximum of 6 meters pipes 110mm diameter and 1 90 deg or 2 x 45 bends.

Should Separett Flame be used during the winter it is recommended to insulate the pipe to its full length. There is two reason to insulate the ventilation pipe:

  1. Condensation warm air meets cold. If you don’t have the problem with condensation then no need to insulate it.
  2. Cold air is dropping trough the ventilation pipe and come in to the room. If this doesn’t bother you then no need to insulate it.

So the insulation doesn’t affect the incineration of the waste no matter what the ambient temp outside is. Incoming air is by 160mm valve through the outer wall either down at Separett Flame or up at the ceiling.


Bowl Liners

Bowl Liners

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Roof Flashing

Roof Flashing

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Ventilation Cowl Flame


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Flame Bag Dispenser

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