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Which Waterless Toilet is for me?

We know that the waterless toilet products that we sell are unfamiliar to most people and can be confusing. So in this post we outline typical scenarios and match these up with waterless toilet solutions. If...

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Should Urine be Separated?

It can be confusing distinguishing between a composting toilet (E.G. Sun Mar or Biolan Eco) and a urine diverting compost toilet (E.G. Separett or Biolan Separating Dry). Both types are self vented and odourless. Here I...

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Composting Explained

How does a horrible material turn into nice safe compost? It seems the transformation occurs by magic. Why do we want composting to happen in the toilet? There are two reasons; firstly to heat...

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Science of Foul Smells?

Composting can take place in the presence of air (aerobic) or without air (anaerobic). In composting toilets we prefer aerobic composting because this gives faster breakdown,  faster metabolic rates and higher temperatures (to kill pathogens)...

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We love our new toilet! It was simple to install and works perfectly on our Care Farm which is completely off grid. It smells 100% better than horrible portaloos too. Actually, it just doesn't smell at all!

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Even the emptying job is not as bad as you would assume due mainly to the fact that most waste has been reduced to almost nothing. I continue to be a compost toilet convert!

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Because of the (permanently on) fan installed on the collecting chamber, there are absolutely no smells coming from underneath. In fact I would say it means there are far less smells than a conventional toilet!

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The Sun Mar Excel electric has been in operation for two years. It has been completely odour-free. Most users have praised it

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Choosing a waterless toilet can seem complicated with many options available. We have expert knowledge to help you decide between the various options. We have researched every waterless toilet manufacturer in the world and we can say that we have the most complete range in the UK. We can provide you with honest advice on each type. The website is designed to be a source of information on waterless toilets. In the news section there are posts on composting and other technical topics like what mulch to use and how to avoid smells. We have hundreds of customers and you can read about their experiences in the testimonials section.

Please get in touch by clicking the info email at the top left hand corner of this page and we’ll work on your query and provide you with a list of suitable options. We deliver free to the UK and Ireland. We also supply to many European countries like France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and Belgium. Simply contact us with your full address for a price including delivery to any EU country.